Declercq Passementiers' story began in 1852 with a very small trimmings factory located on rue Quincampoix in the heart of Paris. Generations of craftspeople have handed down their expertise and ancestral techniques, thus perpetuating the refined traditions of a trade that has become rare. Jérôme and Elisa Declercq represent the sixth generation of this family of trimming-makers and are currently writing the sequel to the story. They are dedicated to the innovation of their craft.

In 1852, Joseph Bertraud, Claude Declercq's great-grandfather, bought a small trimmings factory at 34 rue Quincampoix in the heart of Paris.

His daughter, Marie-Louise Bertraud, married Ernest Perret and inherited her father's business. In 1900 the workshops were moved to rue Saint-Sauveur.

In 1930, during the Depression, Gaston Perret was the first to create the small shuttlecock that would revolutionize trimmings for several years. La Passementerie Nouvelle was born.

In 1948, his daughter Jacqueline Perret Declercq began to work at his side and later took over the direction of La Passementerie Nouvelle in collaboration with her son Claude, who is now the company President.

In 1971, La Passementerie Nouvelle moved to rue Etienne Marcel. In 1972 it acquired Louvet & Mauny, a very old company dating from the eighteenth century, and in 1977 the prestigious company Andre Boudin, renown for having made some the world's most beautiful trimmings during the first half of the twentieth century.

In 1980, Jérôme Declercq began an apprenticeship in the craft. Today he is the General Director of Declercq Passementiers.

In 1990, Elisa Declercq joined her father and brother at the heart of the company.

Today, she manages the manufacturing.

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